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The association « Musica », based in Vernier and founded in January 2009, is dedicated to promoting music and culture by the following means :

  • Develop musical and artistic projects with children, adolescents and/or adults from the relevant communes.
  • Encourage and expose young people to music
  • Promote and communicate these concepts through seminars, concerts, workshops, in collaboration with personalities from the world of art.

In order to ensure that this promotion of music and culture reaches a diverse public in a variety of ways, Musica Association takes a double approach: concerts as well as musical and artistic projects

The concerts

To reach its objectives, the association participates in the highlights of communal life in Vernier.  By participating in promotional activities, organizing an event “at the heart of the Spanish soul” or, furthermore, performing in old people’s homes.

Artistic and musical projects

The association also works towards developing its musical and artistic projects.

For this reason, it offers on a regular basis, free activities such as concerts or various workshops (musical awakening, discovering your voice, conferences, etc.)

Maria-Angeles Cuevas, President

The importance of culture within the community

Let me introduce myself: Maria-Angeles Cuevas, concert pianist and teacher.
Thanks to my varied musical experience across Europe, both as a concert pianist and as a teacher, I wish to make a contribution to cultural exchange. I propose a diverse palette of activities (concerts, seminars, workshops) intended for a broad public (children, adolescents and adults).

I am convinced that access to culture for as wide a public as possible is essential.
Music is a universal language that unites and creates a unique synergy between people. Having grown up in an artistic setting, thanks to which I was able to benefit from being taught by some extraordinary musicians, today I would like to share my knowledge by opening the doors of the world of music to both children and adults.
In this spirit, the Musica Association offers, all year long, free introductory seminars open to all.

Miguel-Angel Vidal, secretary

Teacher, saxophonist, soundpainter amateur, member of the “Canards des Cropettes”, passionate about jazz and photography and interested in all forms of artistic expression.
One of my great authors/mentors, Nicolas Bouvier, wrote in Le Hibou et la baleine (The owl and the whale), pp.22-23, ed Zoé, 1993:

“Music, like light or suffering, has no native land. For thousands of years music has been the mother of all arts. A mother consoling billions of children – all of us.
It is the best compass in our transitory lives.
Of all the remedies our blue planet offers us, music is the only one that is equally shared. It matters little whether one is receiving or giving it.”

Asia Bormann, accountant

As a music lover, I wish to participate in and bring my support to the development of Musica’s activities.
For me it is a moment for sharing and coming together. A beautiful human adventure.


Support us

  • Become a supporting member

    Just give us your contact details using this form or send them to the following address  : Association Musica, 3 ch. de Sales, 1214 Vernier. 

  • Annual subscription

    Supporting members : CHF 60.-
    Students, AVS, AI : CHF 50.-
    Active member : CHF 100.-
    IBAN : CH34 0900 0000 1250 6076 1

  • Advantages

    – Reduction for events (concerts and other activities)
    – Your contribution to music and culture
    – You can get involved and participate in events

You can also support our association through donations or voluntary work using the contact details mentioned above.

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