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Music develops both our capacity for living in the moment and listening with regard to ourselves and others.
My aim is to raise the student’s awareness that continuous strength of mind and perseverance are a source of pleasure and satisfaction in learning the language of music and practicing an instrument.

With this in mind, a musical instrument becomes a live companion, a source of energy, a moment of inspiration and relaxation.
My teaching method, equally combines play, creativity and new technologies, which enables students to express their personality and their creative potential in the form of music.

Our activities in video

Early introduction

From 4 years old

Discover of a musical world through teaching that is original, playful and creative.

Listening & memorizing

Rhythm & Dissociation



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What is Soundpainting?

Soundpainting is a sign language for multidisciplinary live artistic composition, developed by Walter Thompson in 1974 in Woodstock, New York. It is intended for musicians, dancers, actors and plastic artists. During a performance the soundpainter makes a series of signs to the executants and uses their response to develop and shape his/her composition. Further to following Walther Thompson’s training workshops, both in Paris and in Barcelona, I qualifed in Soundpainting and immediately saw multiple uses for this language in education, given that learning it requires concentration and quick reactions, while leaving plenty of room for creativity on the part of the executant. It allows both teachers and pupils in each discipline to exchange and experience a multidisciplinary synergy.

For example, practising this technique with my “musical awakening” pupils, brings immediate results. The children have fun and learn very quickly. Furthermore, in the framework of my workshops, musicians, dancers, actors and painters are able to express themselves through this language in an intuitive and revealing way.
Each person’s experience is unique and they can express themselves in real time in their own way according to their personality. There is no esthetic judgement in Soundpainting. If the executant makes the wrong sign the leitmotiv is « Continue, wrong and strong ! “. He/she should continue in this way. The only error would be to stop.


Piano lessons

Initiation to piano

From 6 years old.

Start playing piano together using an approach that is stimulating and eye-opening.
Develop, as from the first lesson, listening skills and a sense of rhythm.

Individual piano lessons

Teaching based on a classic and modern repertoire. Pupils can also suggest which music to play.

“Two pianos” workshop

Beginner or advanced

The pleausre of playing together, creating complicity and learning to encourage a stimulating “cocktail”!
Two-piano practice of original versions, today’s music, film soundtracks and discovery of computer assisted music.

Singing Workshop

Discover and find your voice with VIVA VOCE

Singing encourages full, deep respiration that brings oxygen to the blood. The art of respiratory control acts on our nervous system and restores balance.

Our breath is the best medicine for the body.

Singing in a group creates ties and a synergy that brings people of different backgrounds together. It is also a way to develop self-confidence and find your true inner force.

It is never too soon nor too late to sing: the first thing we do when we enter this world is to use our voice.

A workshop open to all, beginners or advanced .
(small group – limited number)

Tuesdays, 19h30-20h30
3 chemin de Sales, 1214 Vernier

Wednesdays, 19h-20h
3 chemin de Sales, 1214 Vernier

Thursdays, 19h-20h
Chapelle d’Anières, 5 chemin de Cortenaz, 1247 Anières


Enrolment and commitment

  • Annual commitment

    To ensure a good group dynamic and a harmonious musical learning, the enrolment and commitment is annual.

  • Calendar

    There are 34 weeks of lessons during the school year. Enrolment during the year is possible if there are places available.

  • Enrolment policy

    Contact us for a free trial lesson.

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